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  Finally, with a fairly good result, Tang Wulin's sadness in his heart was much more relaxed.If Ye Zhong still suspected before that the name Saint Confucianism Xuan was just a coincidence, then when the name Shinto appeared, he understood it. This is definitely not a coincidence. Most of the powerful orthodoxy from the three thousand gods are silently paying attention to this small wild world.Yang Kai sneered, put his palm in a circle and put it to his mouth. He was so angry that Dantian shouted, "Brother Nie, what are you doing over there?""Even so, I am completely sure that the third Armageddon, I can't spend it anyway. Therefore, in the case of uncertainty, we would rather let them not be born with wisdom, and without wisdom, they will not be jealous. There will be Armageddon, but it is much weaker. With our help, they can live longer. "

  This three-eyed golden Xi is less than one meter and a half long, and its shoulder height is only about six feet. It looks like a big dog, but its appearance is similar to that of the previous adult three-eyed golden roe, except that the vertical pupil on his forehead is closed and not opened.800av在线视频The cabin arranged by Star Luo Dalu for them is quite good, with a foot of 40 square meters. The cabin has its own bathroom to take a bath. Each cabin also has a balcony, which can see the outside world and blow the sea breeze. Still quite comfortable.Only Ye Chong's face did not move, but he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. It would be an unimaginable disaster for Terran if he let the king win the hook corpse and take away the wooden coffin. Piansheng faced a statue of Wang Jiangzhe, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do anything but watch helplessly.


After a short walk, Yang Kaihe suddenly smelled a stream of medicinal incense, and when he looked at it in the dim light, he found that there were many strange flowers and plants on both sides of the cave.Gu Yue smiled. She smiled beautifully and had a dusty temperament. But looking at her smile, Xie Xie felt a little scared. "You, what are you laughing at?"

"What's the matter?" Tang Wulin sink a voice asked."I don't know what kind of opponent I will meet." Tang Wulin smiles to say."I'll recover first. By midnight tonight, the place where the nine Yin converge will gather all the Yin qi. From then until sunrise, we must find the nine Yin condensate and collect it. If it is late, it will hide again." Xia Ning petticoats earnestly told me, then took out a few pills of Dan medicine and stuffed them into her mouth, then closed her eyes and meditated.

The soldiers came running, one for every two people, and set up seven people in Tang Wulin to leave quickly.Beibei's voice is calm and firm. His face is still a little pale, but he has been able to act. Slowly came to the front of Huo Yuhao and blocked him behind him.

Others wouldn't dare to display it at will, but there are so many spare yang liquids in Yang Kaidan's field, so naturally there is no need to worry about this problem.Tang Wulin really took some medicine with him, took it out and handed it to her.